"Veni, vidi, da Vinci"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hi! I'm Iulia Corcoveanu, a senior at the National College "Gheorghe Lazar" from Sibiu, Romania.

The blog “ Veni, vidi, da Vinci ” was first created by students and teachers of our college in order to express their thoughts and share ideas about the “Leonardo da Vinci” project that they experienced in UK, almost 5 years ago. Photos of their work and fun activities were also uploaded to show others how they managed to combine their tasks with pleasure.

Starting from this year, my teacher Monica Oancea, who participated in this project, and I decided to update the blog by posting something about students’ opinions of how this travel experience has changed their future and helped them with their new job. Participating students offered us information about their future plans and sent us recent photos of them (working or travelling abroad). Most of them were quite enthusiastic when they gave reasons why the project had a significant role in their professional training.

All in all, our goal of recreating the blog is our participation in the Thinkquest International Competition 2011 as we want to make known the “ Leonardo da Vinci ” project results as well as the great experience that our college graduaters had there.


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