"Veni, vidi, da Vinci"

Friday, March 25, 2011

Have you ever wondered which are the benefits of participating in all kinds of projects during school time and traveling abroad for changing experience? Some of us think that this activity is just a waste of time, but others can give us a lot of good reasons why they are definitely willing to experience something new, unique and useful for their future.

There has been such a long time since 2006, the year when students of our college participated in "Leonardo da Vinci" program for five weeks in Plymouth, UK. They worked at different companies and were involved in great activities such as uploading companies’ websites, learning to create a good advertisement and studying marketing issues.

I decide to post something about students’ opinions of how this travel experience has changed their future and helped them with their job. I set up an interview for our graduaters and they nicely answered my question.

Here are their thoughts of what “Leonardo da Vinci” program meant to them.

Andrei Bechet said:

“ My drive for learning new technologies lead me to participate in the “Work experience UK” project which required us to stay in Plymouth UK for six weeks and in my case to develop a website, this actually being my first one. In my opinion, this project was very important, as it held implications in both my professional and social skills. It was a real challenge because we had a very short time in which we had to adapt to the new environment, to a new and intriguing culture, and also to do a very good job at the work place. In my opinion, I managed to meet all expectations. Later on, after we returned to Romania, I even had a small part-time job for one month for my employer in Plymouth. It involved doing some Google AdSense work. “

Andrei Cristea said:

“ Hi there. Being able to take part in the program was a great thing for me. It was quite an experience and surely it did help me a lot in my future career. I was able to see and play an active part in an advertising company (Adfab of Plymouth) and that was great because I was able to see how a company runs in UK and internationally. Apart from that my English skills got significantly better during the period I spent there. ”

Victor Marcu said:

“ England 2006" was one of the most important projects in my life, the first time when a was traveling abroad and where, in the magnificent UK. This new and interesting experience helped me in many ways: taking contact with a new culture, practicing English, live and adapt in a powerful economy. I can consider this project like a door opener, because after this I have traveled two times in USA with "Work and travel" program and I'm going to do this again next summer. My advice for everyone is to take every chance of travelling abroad, because this experience can change in many good ways their lives! ”

Radu Purcarea said:

“ It was definitely an enriching experience. For me, it was the first time I went abroad and the first time I was involved in a project like that and the first time I ever worked (even though it was just an internship). So…many firsts. But nevertheless it taught me a lot about teamwork, group effort, involvement, planning and in contrast to that, just how to be on your own. I was also able to explore and admire the wonders that England has to offer. Great country, hope I'll return there one day. And hope others will enjoy the experience I had. ”


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