"Veni, vidi, da Vinci"

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ioana Tuglui:

"This was an unique experience for me …I saw how people in UK work, their culture and the way they deal with daily problems and I was happy to share all these with them.

Even if it was a short experience (or at least it was the way I saw it), only 6 weeks, I learned many things that helped me in my future experience in life.

This program will always remember me of my highschool years."

Oana Bacila:

"Five weeks in UK were a great experience for all of us.
We all knew at the time of departure that it would be great, that we would become somewhat friends and that we would learn so many useful, exciting and great things about working, studying and living in UK.
I definitely think this experience helped me see the world through other eyes and be more open-minded.
I honestly hope I'll come back someday to London and especially to Plymouth, where I have so many beautiful memories..."


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