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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Being helped by my teacher, I managed to get in contact with Bogdan Hămbăşan, another student whose work has definitely been positively influenced by the experience he had in UK.

I posted his real impression of the past project
. . . and I uploaded some photos of him working as a young architect.

Bogdan Hămbăşan
"Now, since I'm an Architecture student I can confidently look back and say that my 6 week-experience in Plymouth, UK was the highlight of all my extracurricular achievements during high school, a considerable contribution to my professional growth. My assignment was to start developing a conceptual web site for "The Drum Centre, Plymouth", a company involved in the music industry by commercializing drum kits. I was to gain my first marketing knowledge there, after discussing PR issues that had to be applied on a real, non-academic project. Overall I found the project outstandingly enriching, as it really helped me broaden my perspective and embrace life with a professional attitude. This type of experience should be a must in every student's education as the multicultural group is a tremendous environment where students and teachers overpass cultural barriers in an effort to challenge themselves and develop constantly."


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